Tape Extensions 10 pieces 1B# black-brown


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10 tape extensions
2.5 grams per strand 
4 cm width per tape-on strand
for a connection you need 2 tape extensions

Including self-adhesive tape 
Connection points transparent like hair color 100% cut hair:  Without silicone coating and intact cuticle  All hair lies in one direction of growth (no matting or knotting) Highest quality level – darker, lighter coloring possible. 

Hair length:  45 cm, 55 cm, 65/68 cm
Single Drawn:  Natural fall, tapering to the tips

Hair length: 60 cm Double Drawn: Full hair to the tips

Hair quality: Slavic cut hair

Our recommendation for a complete hair extension:

3-4 packaging Tape extensions for fine hair with low volume of own hair.
4-5 packaging Tape extensions for normal hair with normal own hair volume.
5-6 packaging Tape extensions for thick hair with a lush volume of your own hair.
For hair thickening, we recommend 1-3 packs of tape extensions

Hair extensions with  the tape-in ​​method  are worked into your own hair using the sandwich method.
This variant is done very quickly and you can’t see any joints.
Tape extensions are very suitable for thin hair.
Due to the adhesive adhesion of the Tape-On Strips, the adhesive extensions stay in your own hair for approx. 4-8 weeks.
Tape extensions  are reusable.

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Tape Extensions 10 pieces 1B# black-brown
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